Simple Marketing Strategy for Authors


You have your first book title. Congratulations!

Now what?  Sell them from the trunk of your car?

Seriously. In the past few years, self-published authors have inundated the book retail market with more titles than ever before. Many of them, like you, don’t know that marketing your book is more important than  — well, actually writing it.

Creating it. Researching it. Rewriting it. Proofing it. Publishing it. All those tasks are behind you. Those were easy. Now comes the hard part.

A Marketing Package

You can promote your new book with the elements used by top-dollar PR agencies. But that’s costly. You can go on a book tour. But that may not be the most effective way, either. Your title is listed on Amazon. That’s a good start.

I can help you generate the promotional pieces that you’ll need without the high costs that go with them. Select them like a Chinese take-out menu.

Select these as you need them:

  • A cover letter focused on promoting your book to an agent
  • A news release to get the public aware of your new book
  • A detailed book proposal aimed at getting attention it deserves
  • A mock interview that you can use for future campaigns
  • many more elements that you have at your fingertips

As your Author Advocate I work with you as you develop your marketing strategy. Your sales campaign — face it, that’s what you are doing — is comprised of key elements. This package is paramount to being seen as a professional author. Look at it as an ISBN is necessary for getting recognized in major bookstores. Don’t be spotted as an amateur.

You can select what you need as you continue your campaign or you can go for the whole presentation package. It’s up to you.

Straight up. I charge $45 per hour. However, my Author’s Promo Package is a flat rate based on what pieces you need — you define it.

Talk to me and let’s go over the elements of your marketing campaign. Let me be clear. I am not a Publicity agent or a Marketing guru who is linked in to the book industry’s “movers and shakers.” I do have some good resources if you need more advice.

I provide the specific writing services you’ll need to promo your book, develop your marketing strategy, and create your brand.

                   ~~  Rusty LaGrange                                

LaGrange 2021
Honored with two awards in 2021