Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Grow Your Biz in 2020

Sure, you say. How am I supposed to use a blog to market my little web page? I have no clout, no email list. No idea how to make it all work. Those “spyder” robot things trying to find my site? What works with them?

But, you see, that’s where you’re wrong. Just a few workshops and some ideas that you can see on other blogger’s blogs, and you can hit the ground running.

You say, sure, that’s great for newbies but what about those who have web pages with stagnant sales? I have to start all over again?

We say, if your blog isn’t working for your right now, then what are you protecting? Every day blogs get makeovers, freshen up their business focus, and toss out the old static ideas that didn’t work.

Are you thinking you’ve failed? No!! NO!! You can update and refresh your blog and your business anytime you see fit. The Internet allows you to erase an idea that ran out of its usefulness. It allows you to try a new layout, a new color, and a new idea. Blogging about your change in direction is just as useful to other bloggers as a new recipe is to an old cook.

It’s inflexibility that can stall your forward momentum.

And, if you’re a true beginner, then you have the advantage of learning from everyone else’s passion to make your web site the best and most active and attractive page in your niche. You’ve got the inside track!

Look for a new BlogStorm Workshop 2020 this Fall!

We offered a three-day blogging intensive with some great inspired guests years ago, so the newest one is not scheduled as yet. But if you sign up now we can let you know when the next one is slated. Go to the Contact Page and let us know.

BlogStorm Workshop 2013 & 2015

That’s where workshops come into to help you visualize a new concept, a special campaign, a new direction… and as you can see a new road ahead where you’ll have new insights and a fresh perspective. Really? Yup. Many marketers and solo entrepreneurs using blogs chose to reinvent their blogs to find new fresh air in their niches. Some completely switched operations and tried something brand new. And you can, too!

Join us in a new selection of workshop classes designed just for bloggers and marketers who use blogging in their sales plans. BlogStorm 2020 workshop will continue where we left off. Watching the growth in blogging trends and the connections that new entrepreneurs are now seeing in blogging for their businesses, well, we just couldn’t stand around and wait for our blog niche to struggle. Join us for new ideas.

Whether you’re blogging for a service, a product, an author with a book to sell, or an online business is a natural extension of how sales are made. It takes more today than just the flyers, the ads, the apps, the videos, and all the new bells and whistles … it takes time for you to study what works, what saves money, and what offers the best “return on investment” (ROI).

What makes BlogStorm 2020 budget-friendly is the price set for easy time-frame and a friendly blog environment online. For $35 for one-day blog workshop here’s what you’ll get:



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