My Services

Here are the services I offer:

 Copy Writing

  • Guest Blog Posts; Business Blogging

  • e-Book Design & Layout

  • Press Releases / Marketing Packages

  • Business Brochures

  • Sales & Direct Marketing campaigns

  • Book Jacket Design & Copy

  • Query & Cover Letters

  • Radio Commercial Ads



  • Proofreading

  • Copy-editing

  • Web Content Editing

  • Manuscript Review Package

  • Author’s Advisor

 Graphic Design

With a degree in Technical Illustration, I find it very satisfying to design logos for businesses. I can help you conceptualize a logo for your unique brand, and it’s yours. You claim it and keep it. No more need to wonder if you can upgrade or move it, like with some graphics houses.

 Technical Writing

My experience in technical writing comes from contracts with Raytheon Technologies, main government contract with Department of Defense, for their National Training Center in Ft. Irwin, CA. Our division maintained the documentation for standards and new releases of war games.

I held another short contract as a Lead Technical Writer for Exel’s Fontana Consolidated Distribution Center with 7-Eleven Stores. Their new facility, created for efficiency and using modern technology, was cutting edge cool. Merchandise stockers were fed retrieval data through headsets; they raced around on electric pallet movers.

New! Author’s Advocate services now offered

As a freelance editor, I work directly with new authors by designing many aspects of their self-publishing process. I don’t twist your words or make your story sound like mine. I work behind the scenes, quietly correcting grammatical errors and offering overall suggestions for improvement for your manuscript. Every new book needs a good platform to start from. Never rely on your friends and relatives to give you a critical eye. Hire a professional to give you a complete editing service for your hard work.

I’m uniquely qualified to work with new authors due to my long-term affiliation with the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club (CWC). I am an avid member of PoemSmiths (poetry critique group) and former member of the fiction critique group known as Eclectica. I am currently the branch’s newsletter editor of The Inkslinger. I was appointed the CWC’s  Editor-in-Chief of its statewide The Bulletin digital news.

If you need specific help in problem areas, a freelance editor, like me, can smooth out plot problems, spot timeline and time shift errors, and eliminate typos, and other distracting mistakes.

With a clear product to sell, we can also improve your chances of being noticed by an acquisition editor or a literary agent. Wouldn’t that be exciting to receive an offer to acquire your book for national exposure? It’s happened before.

Study Your Options Before You Dive In

  • If you’re self-publishing, it’s even more important to get your work carefully proofed or edited. Most PODs (Print On Demand) publishing firms offer editing services for an extra fee, but it’s up to the writer to make sure his or her work is in near perfect form before it goes to print. A freelance editor is often a less expensive alternative, and I can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Writers and editors love to create with the written word. Have you even driven by a bookstore only to find yourself turning in the driveway instead of driving by? That’s the sign of a Wordsmith. We’re drawn to the craft of writing; we stop in our tracks if we find something that is not correct or feels wrong. Our feelers are vibrating when we find a spelling mistake.

  •  Writers have the freedom of creative license, while editors are trained in the “rules” of writing—although most editors know that there’s a fine line between following the rules and doing what’s best for a particular manuscript.
  • A good copy editor, knows the general rules of the English language but also preserves the writer’s unique voice. Each writer is different, and an editor can sense their style, override the rules dictated by grammarians, and fine tune while preserving the essence of the context.

A good editor will recognize and nurture individual style.

  • As an editor, I focus on the work line by line, looking for spelling and grammatical problems, consistency, clarity, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, dialogue, and other issues of style. I also look at the big picture and flag general problem areas in plot, character, point of view, and overall flow.

Are you ready for a Copy Writer?

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