Marketing & Crafting Your Words Effectively

Craft Your Words with Care

We all must consider the content of our web site pages. Can you keep a visitor’s eyes on your pages long enough for them to get a sense of what you do and what you offer? There’s a science embedded in the strategy of keeping eyes on your page.

Copywriting is the foundation of text in your printed materials, your daily creative products, your marketing collateral for your growing business, and in every webpage where your products or service meet the public eye.

It’s more important than ever to make the most of the viewing time you have when a consumer or client reads your material — whether you’re a start-up company or an established corporation. Today, more companies are jumping on board and redefining what their visitors want to read. They’re taking a more active role in using Social Media, blogging, and target marketing.

Capture More Attention

Visitors to your webpages will ultimately scan your pages, skimming over highlights while on the search for what they want. Many more will have done deep searches to extract what they need.

Are you on their search radar? Do you offer” infographics” and photos to show them what you do? Are you staying up on the new technology that attracts visitors who want more for their business exposure? There is a lot to consider.  Are your pages instantly readable by all the newest handheld devices?

The Stick-ability Factor

At A FLAIR FOR WORDS, I help define the content and photos that will make your webpages snap. I offer my years of design and graphics background to alter the appearance of your pages. There are tricks of the trade. I will dig deep into my own bag of tricks to help persuade visitors to stop and stay a few seconds longer.

By using creative skills, a copywriter, like me,  gives your website better descriptions, better creative content, and better “stick-ability” while gaining longer viewing time. If the right combinations help keep consumers anchored to your site, then a copywriter can become indispensable. Many people do spend that time to create their own websites. But at what cost? Companies can conduct their own search to find the best webmaster. They have a large budget. But there are alternatives for the small to medium marketer like you.

Hire a writer as your go-to specialist. Some copywriters work in specific areas, some in general topics, others in narrow niches. A writer focuses on your  needs and studies what you do with your target market. You’ll soon find that a copywriter can define words and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with selected phrases to bring more viewers to you. I’m not your sales staff or your web manager — I’m a key component of your text on each page.
That’s what a copywriter, like me, can do for you.