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 Add a Little Bling to Your Blogging

Over the last few months, the blogging communities across the country have seen trends in sharing much more than their latest posts and a link from it to somewhere else. These fistful of reciprocal links … some known as linking parties … develop the idea that having as many links as possible will increase your blog ranking.

While that use to be the case, the newest trend is not to collect them but to actually know them, cultivate a relationship with them, and make them your best blogging buddies: a meaningful relationship with a deeper connection that ever.

Now wait a minute! There will never be enough time in a week or a month to make all of your links into friends! So, the concept of choosing a few “good” links, ones with mutual interest and support, will be worth much more than a hording mentality of gathering links like shiny stones.

The ranking machines at Google and other large search-monsters grew tired of the “Shallow Hal” mentality. They soon discovered that rich connections meant better quality in networks as well as better quality of writing. Yes! Quality of writing!! Finally.

Avoid decorating your blog with fake jewelry from the gumball machine. Highlight your well-deserved links like “bling” that you would wear on your wrist! Blog plus Bling = Blig!!

Yes! You heard it here first.

Add a bit of” Blig” to your blog pages, and be happy in knowing that though you have fewer jewels, you have robust and nurtured jewels to show off. Favorite links are places you can go to for support, mutual marketing and joint venturing, idea gathering, and affiliate development, as well.

Truly, 2014 looks very promising for bloggers and Web content writers.

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