Museums Hosts Train Presentation Sept 27

Evening Desert Train Presentation

“Evening Desert” series presents Train!

I’m sharing this info because history is my passion and railroad  — especially steam trains is high on the list of things my husband and I would love to cover.  Sort of our “bucket list.” If you live in the region, I welcome you and your family to an Evening Desert presentation made by Steve Roll and hosted by our Lucerne Valley Museum Association.

We’ll have light refreshments, Q and A sessions, and our admission is free. We also encourage  homeschooling families to enjoy the evening, too. This is Steve Roll’s lifelong collection of photos from throughout the nation, it’s history, and interesting facts you may not know.

Doors open at 6 pm. The program ends at 8pm but we always stay open a bit longer and chat and share with our guest speaker.

Hope you can make it.

Rusty LaGrange, president

Lucerne Valley Museum Association,

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