Plug-in Mania — Control Your Urge to Binge

Okay, so you’re reading the latest news on the plug-ins that will change your blogging experience for the best. You’ve made a good choice. You’ve searched the plug-ins by reputation or by title, thinking that they will be just what you want. At least that’s what the little blurb says. But what does that little piece of info really mean that is attached to your plug-in of choice? If you go to the web site link that is promoting the plug-in you might get lost in a chasm of propaganda. You know, publicity sales-y talk. Once you arrive at the web site, takes notes. Like cookie crumbs on a trail, you’ll need to read and move cautiously deeper into the explanations of what the plug-in actually does. And be able to find your way out of the forest of information.

She works hard for her plug-ins
She works hard for her plug-ins

A well-written plug-in has been crafted by a software person who also knows how to write and communicate well to laymen. Beware, not all plug-ins are created by people who can explain what the plug-in does. Take time and read through the descriptions, and take more notes.

Based on the type of plug-in you are exploring, find out if the creator or editor can be reached if you have a question. Find out how often they do updates, and if they will be automatically listed on the plug-ins menu for WordPress. Also check out the ratings that other users have given the plug-in. Five stars will define a good rating but will it actually mean that a layman can use it. Also find out if there is a cost to keep using after your first download.

Many plug-ins are useful for day-to-day behind the scenes situations. They just work for you. Other plug-ins are high-breds that do a specific thing to help with a certain problem, work-around, or enhance a feature.

Avoid having the binge to grab every plug-in that looks enticing. You can sample one-by-one and learn if they will actually help your web site. If not, back away. Plug-in mania will take over. It’s not a candy store, but you can become addicted if you don’t watch out.

Let me know what your favorite or best enhancement plug-in is for your blog, and maybe I’ll share some other plug-in “all stars” next time.

Rusty LaGrange

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