Finding Time to Blog, Live Life, and Be a Parent

The High Desert is no different than any other part of the nation when it comes to parenting, feeling the guilt trip of not being a Super Mom, and wondering if your kids have enough social interaction. We try to make sure our kids celebrate cake and ice cream at birthday parties out of the home. We even volunteer for fieldtrips if our school can afford them.

Even in the urban regions, moms are being shamed into not offering enough entertainment and sports-building/team building activities for the enrichment of their children. I hear that piano lessons, band, soccer, ballet, and art appreciation isn’t enough for one child? When do the kids do their homework? When do you get some sleep? When can you blog?

This trend, as I am reading from Mom Blogs and feedback from other “Warrior Writer” Moms who are battling the same shame, says it feels it’s time to let go a bit. But how can you when the “Good Samaritans” are lurking around every corner to make sure you’re doing your job as a “good parent” — that Super Mom shame-game is everywhere.

Here is my 25 cents worth toward the topic of parenting:

That’s why I don’t I’ve in a city or suburb. I live remote in the desert by choice. My daughter was raised with bugs and cactus, dirt in her sandwich and drawers, bumps and lumps, and she’s come out just fine. In fact she’s working on the last week of her BA.

I sometimes place myself in that guilt trip too — having been a product of the Hippie Movement, we felt guilty if we weren’t bra-less, eating from our gardens, smoking the best green stuff, and “tuning in while tuning out”. So I think guilt comes with every generation. My mom came from The Depression Era where everything was used up, never wasted, and always shared. Talk about guilt. Do you know how many ways you can use stale bread?

So take a deep breath, stop being manipulated by commercialism and TV crap (I do love TV, I’m just immune to the diatribe) and find two things you love to do for yourself. Why two? Because one isn’t enough but 20 is too much. Then give yourself a day off each week where you decide what your schedule will be. I call mine: “Myfriday.”

Here is our ranch motto that we live by for over 30 years:

“On this ranch we raise common sense, cultivate independence, and wrangle adversity.”

Hopefully, your parenting skills can be tempered with a balance of good outdoor activities, some me-time, and fun time with the kids. It’s a balancing act for sure, but it can be done.

If you’d like to read the original post from Ms. Lamb just go to her link:

Parent-Shaming & Mom-Shaming—Has Our Culture of Guilt Gotten Out of CONTROL?

Have a great day and get some fresh air…

Rusty LaGrange

Bloggers Devote Time to Market, too

I ran into another person interested in blogging who also writes and wants to get more exposure. His name is Ron Lazenby and he creates Western short stories. He has two titles out now. Our families have lived in Lucerne Valley for over 30 years. We know a lot of people but not enough for his book to make great sales. We talked about the value of connecting to others on the Internet but beyond that he was a bit confused.

You see he wants more sales and to share his love of writing Westerns like me but he’s not sure how it all works. We talked about the growing trend in blogging. Sure, he can go to book fairs and events where he’ll get some exposure. It’s what many authors do. After I explained what blogging was, his eyes lit up. I think I have a new convert!

Here’s how it can work for you.

You have a product… let’s say a book… that you hope will sell. No one has heard of your book so it sits in a box. Printing houses, who help self-publishing authors like Ron, don’t really get excited about his book title. He’ll have to do some marketing. Marketing?  That’s all of the steps it takes before you make a sale.

Ron can pay for someone to sell his books or he can promote them on his web site. Once on his web site, he can create a blog to talk about his love of Western subjects, how he created his book, the processes of having it printed, and places he’s planning to be … more events. He loves that part, he says. He can blog anytime, anywhere, and not worry about traveling to his next book fair. Of course, book fairs and book signings are the best way to meet face-to-face buyers. Ron knows that. But they don’t happen every day.

Now he’s learning that blogging is not just writing a quick post. He’s learning that to generate more interest and exposure he needs a broader network of other bloggers who will help him get the word out. His comments and posts go out in an ever-widening circle, and those who contact him through comments and links back to his web site, help strengthen the network.

I bet Ron’s blogging on the network right now. Or, maybe, balancing a bunch of books on the way to a fair.

If you would like to learn more about designing a blog page, using blogging to generate more sale, or the best practices to keep the network growing go to then go to the top of the page and click on “High Desert Blogging Network.”

Rusty LaGrange

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Rusty LaGrange

My New Look for A Flair For Words

It’s been awhile since I had an opportunity to give a well-defined facelift to my business web site. I at first suffered from the “old software isn’t supported anymore” syndrome. But on my way to learning how to convert my old pages to WordPress, I found the learning curve to be filled with landmines.

I’m now making some substantial headway and as you may notice, I have some new pages and a newer theme to work in.